Here’s what we get asked a lot:

How are repairs and maintenance handled?

Each of our install partners provide a workmanship warranty. The product manufacturers warranty their own products as well. Your Solar Smarter Home Expert can help you know what warranties are provided with your custom solution.


What if the panels don’t produce enough power?
We work hard to ensure the system is designed for your specific home to optimize your returns. When your system is turned on you will have a mobile app to download that will help you monitor your systems production. If you see something looks off, give us a call and we can take a look.


What happens if my roof leaks?
Each of our install partners offer a roof penetration warranty as part of their installation agreement. Additionally, they are highly skilled and have installed systems on thousands of homes and use best practices to ensure this doesn’t happen. (see your installation agreement for details)


What happens if I move?
If you move, you can easily transfer the system to the new homeowners and they can pay the same low rate. Alternatively, you can purchase the system and sell it with your home. Often, a solar energy system will increase your home value.


What if I have questions?
Reach out to your Solar Smarter Home Expert with any questions and they’ll be happy to assist you.